About Me

Film.  TV.  Theatre.  Voice.

SAG-AFTRA. Actors’ Equity.

Los Angeles | London

I’m a British born actress, currently living in Los Angeles.  From German-Normandy heritage, born to a very British magical fairy of a ballerina-opera singer Mother and an even more British, gentle Buddha-like, over-grown leprechaun of a Father.

As a teenager I was a concert clarinetist, attempting to play Weber concertos with 50 piece orchestras behind me, whilst my knees knocked in pure terror.  How I ever produced a soulful note from that beautiful piece of emotional sorcery, I will never know.

I then traversed into singing…  Big band jazz in particular.  I was 14 and singing Fever in front of 400 people, which made me high as a kite (naturally…  no snorty stuff here:  I wasn’t THAT kind of teenager).  I still sing and, whilst I may not be the best singer on the block (I’ll leave that to Jenny…), I bloomin’ love it.

Later into my teens I remembered how much I liked to play dress-up as a small child.  (…and still do <insert embarassed face here>)  “What tiara can I wear today?”  So, I started creating plays that involved dance, music, and acting – a musical, one might say, but I think I would stick with the description ‘something weird on a stage.’  I went to a very academic school and creativity “to such an extreme” was seriously not cool.  “Henrietta, you can’t be an actress.  Just like you can’t be a Princess.  You’ve seen too many films.”  My quick response…  “I could marry Prince William to become a Princess, and that seems a lot more difficult than being an actress.”

I studied Brecht, then Method, then Stanislavski.  I was lucky enough to train at the Webber Douglas Academy before it closed, as well as in Classical Theatre & Shakespeare at the Royal National Theatre, London.  Then I found a place where it all came together and made perfect sense, in the true Meisner technique.  My world turned around and my passion went from a simmer to a supernova.

Since then I have played roles from ISABELLA in “Measure for Measure” to a paranoid-schizophrenic meth head to SALLY BOWLES in “Cabaret.”  I’ve thrived in and loved every minute of every role that has ever come my way.  I am blessed to have a career I love and head-over-heels excited for all the marvelous roles I will play with in the future.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m a storyteller.  I create a space that allows others to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.  We all get lost inside each others worlds, which both belong to someone else.  As an artist, I believe that is what we creatives do; we create a space for others to escape to.


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